Sunday, May 26, 2013

Artistic Artifacts.....

Thought I would share
some of the fun things I found
back at 
last month...
 This great set of vintage playing cards
a full deck for only $2
 I couldn't resist these little paper clown baskets$3
 the German Christmas scrap
This bright little board game was also $2
 I paid a bit more for these two
but I have never seen any like them before..
I paid $8 but they are so much fun and we love 
St.Patrick's Day here!
 These are Kiddie Keno
never heard of it,
but again the graphics and colors are so great
I know I can make something fun with them.
$2 seemed to be the price for the evening.
I have a few more pieces that I will share tomorrow...
Hope you enjoyed the peek.
I really enjoy the vendor night at Art and SOul because you just
never know what you are going to find!


  1. Oh I bet that event was so much fun -- gosh you found some nice ephemera! Those clown basket things are amazing! And I don't even like clowns but I still think they are so cute!

    1. I don't really "like" clowns either but I jusy couldn't resist ;) Wouldn't they be great for a swap or a child's gift?

  2. Great finds! I love the graphics of the old board games!

    1. Amazing how bright and vivid some things still are! Thanks for stopping by!