Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm a Winner!

Isn't it great to say that?
"I'm a Winner!

Last month I won a give-away
sponsored by
the talented and super cool 

 I really love her mix of 
personal tidbits
 and the promotion of
goodness in this world.
Jenny and her husband were deeply affected
by SuperStorm Sandy
and they turned a nightmare into
a way of spreading good.
You need to go to visit her blog and read all about it!
She also features other bloggers that she believes in.
This is where Val
was introduced.

I have really enjoyed reading about Val.
She has not only some crafty talents
but is good at telling stories.
She also went through a weight loss journey that she shared
and it is so inspiring!

So guess who won the give-away Val 
offered through Jenny?
I just wanted to share with you
the fun packages that arrived on my doorstep
last Saturday...
Bright and Cheery...
Some new and vintage items
to celebrate life
for one whole year!
ALL kinds of goodies!
From magnets, to stickers, to books, to art!
Valentine's Day
Earth Day
New Year's
you name was in here!
I love the quote on that magnet...
"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful!"
I started thinking of ways to use all these things
not necessarily in a big flashy way
but in small ways
to make days special...
Using some of those cellophane bags to brighten up
my Little Keeper's school lunches one week...
Tucking a few of those Shamrock's into someone's coat pocket...
I love the vintage cards...
I have a handful like them but the ones she sent me were a PILE!
and they had Coffee Break notes!
Some of you know how much I LOVE my coffee...
The little paper baskets with the flowers on them are
SO adorable! 
Just my style!
Box #2!
One of Jenny's new Cupcake bookmarks!
A copy of Susan Branch's Celebrations...
A cool copy of Little Women...
the cover is neat and the pages are rough edged.
"One Good Deed a Day"
cover art appears to be by Miss Katie Daisy herself
which I love!
lots more goodies for the year
Father's Day
Mother's Day
Box #3!
She kept it coming!
A candy mold and all kinds of supplies for baking!
Sprinkles, cupcake toppers and labels!
Baking is something I don't do every week
but when we do I really enjoy!
I let Little Keeper be my assistant and go crazy
with the sprinkles if he wants to!
He was excited to see this box!
I was very touched by
the generosity of this lovely gal-
(I just had to do that ;)
Just a year or two different in age
children of the 70's and 80's...
I was so inspired by her gift
that I am going to do a little give-away of my own later
this month.
I'm also going to randomly send val something fun
for herself this summer!
Thanks to both Jenny and Val
for sharing the love
we crafty gals find in our hearts
for fun everyday items, to vintage goodness, and in each other.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my surprise!
Then I actually won a second give-away
sponsored by 
I'll share that next...
I NEVER win anything!
April was  my lucky month!
Guess being an Aries helped!
Have  a Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I am so happy you WON. You are a winner! :) YAY!

    xo Danielle

  2. I'm so thrilled that you like everything so much. :)


  3. Hello Pam,
    I am glad you are lucky! Congratulations on your wins. This was a very generous and wonderful giveaway too! Yay for you!
    I did not realize you lived so close to VB! I left on Friday, so I did not get to go to vendors night. was it fab??? Next time we will hook up : )