Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lucky 15th!

So I am showing my age right now...
This pic from the shoot for Pearl Jam's first album Ten
is pretty much what I looked like last night!

Remember when you had no money back in high school and college
and you had to scrape together money to go to shows?

I saw a few of my favorites back then and now one of them is
back on tour!
I have to admit - I have been like an 18 year old the last few weeks over this..
I have had the realization in the last year that I'm not getting any younger
and opportunities you think may be there for you at a later date...
they really may NOT!
A band may seem like a silly thing to some
 when it is something that has been a sort of soundtrack for your life
a group of people who have inspired you artistically 
it doesn't seem that way to me.

Point of the picture above...
Last night after a week of waiting and then almost
nine hours of checking e-mails all day.
I found out I won BIG 
in the fan club lottery
 for seats at  five different shows this fall!

Let me clarify that you get much better seats with the club than through
It is just a deal the band has reserved for the FanClub.
However - you may put in for a dozen shows and get none or one.
That is the luck of a lottery system.
People got shut out for any seats at all that had 20 choices -
so this was amazing to me.
I really only put in for several shows because I so HIGHLY doubted
that I would get one!
The best part is I plan on sharing the wealth
with great friends and Mr.Keeper
who is hopefully going to understand eventually
what a big deal this was for me.
Never did a road trip like this before so
I am looking forward to making some good memories
with everyone along the way.

Disclaimer for Mr.Keeper -
I will never ask for anything again...
O.K. maybe at least for a year?!

I also found my missing journals and Neocolor crayons 
yesterday I was so desperately looking for over the last month! 
I am now going to buy some lottery tickets just in-case some
of this luck is still hovering around me!

One last pic...all smiles...
thanks for visiting and Love you guys!
I have some artwork to share tomorrow
that I have been working on!
Have a great Tuesday!

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