Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deliver me from Temptation.....

Friday I was out running errands
and decided on the way back home
to make a quick stop at our nearby DAV...
I have been trying to limit myself...
but some days I drive by
and see things they have out front and just can't resist!
That is where my self restraint tries to kick in
ME -Stop?
Conscience- "No, you don't need to"
ME-"But just to see what is outside, don't have to get out of the car?"
Conscience-"No, supposed to be saving money, even if you only spend $1!"
ME -"Right"
ME "Two more seconds and you won't be able to turn!"

Tires squeal
and I make a last minute dash into the parking lot!
 Like the Deathstar of Planet Thrift pulled my van into the lot...

So pathetic...
The Thrift Force was with me Friday!
(sorry for the corn)
Here is what I found...

Entire roll of this groovy 70's kitschy
.58 cents
I'm pretty sure we may have had this growing up!
Plan to use it for Ephemera packs
and to share....
Whitmans Candy Tin
.48 cents
 vintage hand sewn pillow cover
.98 cents
I have been finding all kinds of Whitmans tins lately
and they have been perfect for storing
craft items like stamps and sewing supplies.

I found this vintage bird mobile in the records section?!
.98 cents
Unusual and great graphics...

Children's book with cute
Dick and Jane like pictures throughout
I plan to scan them to use...
.68 cents

I thought this was a book at first...
When you open it 
turns into this cute little doll set to play with
There are instructions on how to make little outfits for the
two dolls
You can store things in the cabinet on the right
and the counter top on the left pulls out and you can store in it
and then push back in when you close!
So adorable I couldn't resist...
The dolls had never been taken out of the packaging...
I have this in mind as a Christmas gift!
Not bad for about $5.00 for everything?!
Check out what everyone else found at

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I am so happy you decided to go thrifting. You found so many awesome treasures. I love the dolls children's books and the bird thing. Lucky you gave in to the temptations of thrifting.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. The thrift force was definitely with you! You got some great items and my jaw is dropping at the super prices! Wow! No wonder it's hard to pass by when you can find cool stuff at such great prices. I really like the bird mobile and the children's book, but the little treasure shop is just that - a treasure!

  3. Wow -- wonderful finds! Especially the graphics on that bird mobile thingie, and the candy tin!