Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nothing says fall like...Cheese?

Yesterday as I was out in the
wonderful cool air
strolling through Williamsburg
at the
Occasion For The Arts...

I started thinking about the things that instantly come to mind
when I think of fall
besides leaves and pumpkins
(even though I have an almost fetish for anything made w/ pumpkin)

One of them
Perhaps because the best place to buy it here
is at
which is located in Colonial Williamsburg.
This time of year
it is perfect for walking,
there is the smell of woodsmoke
(no indoor heat here other than ye'old  fireplace)
HAM is being put up for cure...
which goes perfect with
if I lost you sorry...
The mere mention of this shop
and locals or William and Mary students
who have left the area start to drool.
I thought I'd share a few photos
of my stop in yesterday...

all kinds of colors and flavors...

Pictures of the sandwiches
didn't make it...
 we will have to go back!
They have a great patio
that is usually packed during tourist season...

This time of year it's great to sit here and people watch...
this cracked me up...
That dog was fast and lovin' it!
Also funny how even though it was much cooler
most people were still in summer clothes
or either totally bundled up!
Virginia is so smack in the middle we never know what
to expect!

Found some great items thrifting this weekend
saw some amazing artists at
Occasion for the Arts...
I'll be sharing my favorites this week.
Happy Sunday!

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