Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beach Charm swap!

School is back in!
Lookout world!
Now I can finally get around to sharing
with you the 
Beach charm swap I participated in 
a few weeks ago...
This was the first time I did a charm swap.
I t was fun and not too difficult.
13 charms to swap.
Our wonderful organizer
Julie made us all this
Mermaid cabochon.
The picture doesn't do it justice - 
it has a pearlized -iridescent finish - 
 This is the entire bracelet.
Lots of handmade goodness!
Some beautiful work done with 
hand stamped metal,
Resin ice,and even hand sewn charms!
I LOVE the beach and this was so much fun.
If I don't feel like wearing the bracelet
the great thing is I can just remove individual charms
and wear one on a necklace!
One last charm...
This was Maureen's first time making charms like this
I think she said.
She made the mermaid crown above.
A pretty piece of lace that she hardened and added 
little green beads and the starfish to.
The neat thing is - it actually looks really cool as a ring..
so a few of us decided to wear it that way instead!
I am so lucky to be a part of this fun 
and talented group of women.
Art and Soul brought us together
and meeting up is something we look forward to every month.

I also have to say thank you to them for understanding-
It turned out one of my concert dates I won
is smack in the middle of our Fall retreat.
I want to go so much - but the concert is a one time deal!
I will miss them greatly!
But I'll return with some great stories to share!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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