Saturday, September 28, 2013

Update on the Seeking Stone Gossard project.....

We are headed out today 
to do a little pumpkin shopping
and enjoy the amazing Fall weather
that has finally descended upon us...

I thought I would update you on
the project I am sponsoring at the blog
I mentioned in my last post...
We are eight days in at this point
and so far I have had all the photos submitted
by people eager to help...
I am going out today to take a few myself

This one is one of the ones that gets the most hits
and of course it is because it was well taken 
and the kid is 

Hail Hail is a line
referencing a Pearl Jam song...
of course.
We are getting noticed - I just hope we are
being SHARED...
Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, 
and I did notice yesterday we are getting
hits from Tumblr!
Twitter is great because you can actually Tweet directly
to people you really want to see it!

Hope you would like to take a peek over
and see a few of the submitted images...
you can visit here
and the very first post is Clinton's Story...
I hope if he does get to meet Stone that
I get to be there to take the photo!
But if I can't
 I'm glad I got to help him make a dream come true.
It's not about me-
it's about him!
If you'd like to help and submit a photo let me know!
have a great weekend everyone!

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