Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seeking Stone Gossard is LIVE

Hi there everyone!

I just wanted to let you know
that the site I mentioned the other day is up
and running!

It is called Seeking Stone Gossard...
This is who the project is all about

Clinton ...

He has a rare type of brain tumor
and I am trying to help him fulfill a wish...

You can view the site
My posts her may be very sporadic for 
the next month or so because
that project requires a LOT of attention...
I'm even venturing into the land of Twitter
and I have never  "tweeted" before.

Please take a moment and visit to
read my "condensed" version of Clinton's
Honestly it could be a novel - but you know
you  have to be concise on a page like that.

Starting tomorrow I will be posting a photo every day
of friends, family, anyone who wants to help
or just creative shots.
To help get some attention.
I hope you will stop in every day!

Thanks for your understanding and support!


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