Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Love......

Halloween was always fun as a kid...in the neighborhoods I lived in, I only remember one or two that really did up their whole yard. One of them I would never go near because the guy who lived there always dressed up jumped out at you. People hanging from trees,etc. Too much for "little" kids in my opinion.....
The neighborhood I live in now is absolutely amazing when it comes to Halloween. Some of the yards are like stage productions!

( 1st Halloween)
(2nd Halloween)
After my first year here I really got into it too.
Then when I got married my husband became totally obsessed with our display!
The markdowns the day after Halloween are like his own type of
Black Friday!
The last few years we have had to back down a bit
with Baby Keeper around!
The first year was just too much.
Then work and weather got in the way the last two.
Baby Keeper really was not totally aware of what it was all about either...
(4th Halloween)
This year!
They have talked about it at school and he was ready!
He even asked to be a Pirate this year!
I was totally giddy of course with my Pirate love and all...
but there went the whole Star Wars theme I had collected all year....
We decorated in a kid friendly manner this year.
Still not to the extent that we normally do.
To our surprise he was not afraid of much last night .
Went and tugged on the Wolfman, talked it up with a Zombie and a totally decked out Witch!
They were stage worthy costumes too,
not something off a rack!
My point being...
Mr.Keeper was totally into it too and I saw
that spark back in his eye!
Even though we were all so worn out we went to bed by 9!
Today he was up and out in search of a few markdowns for next year...
I know he is hoping this will become a tradition our son will love too.
I'm thinking he will...
He crawled into bed with me at 6:30 a.m.
snuggled up and asked.....

"Hey mom, can we do Tricks or Treats again tomorrow?"

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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