Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodies are coming!

I have a few Christmas goodies that just
arrived in the mail
sooo cute!
I thought today however  I would share
some of our fun
decorations from the last few years.
I tried to make them kid friendly 
so that if my son decided to handle them there would be no big loss!
The Putz Village was out of reach on purpose!
This was taken with my point and shoot
sorry it isn't as nice as usual.
I have been collecting Putz houses since I was in college
so 13 something years...
Ughh. Doesn't seem like that long.
I have all kinds and I don't discriminate!

My home is almost 100 years old,
so yes there are cracks in the wall here and there
I call it character...
This year the village will be moving to the dining room I think
I promise to take much better photos!

Again, horrible point and shoot
that won't rotate
for my sons first Christmas we used all soft knitted
It was so cute!
Last year he was so focused on decorating this tinsel tree
I decided to let him have it as his own this year in his room
We are going to decorate it this weekend...
We used this skinny tree for lack of space and time
last year
All the ornaments are plastic
This is probably the best it looked
because little Keeper loved taking the ornaments off when we
weren't looking and then putting them all back on the bottom
It was pretty funny for a while
A year later i am still finding the tops of those ornaments all over
because every time he took one off the hook piece would pull the eye off!
By Christmas there were only a few that could be hung because they
still had the eye!
No remorse though because they were not my "special" pieces
I would highly recommend if you have toddlers
as children or grandchildren to keep your precious ornaments
out of reach.
They know no what they do!
If you have that perfect kid who does absolutely everything you say
then good for you!
You are like 1% of the population if you are telling the TRUTH!
This was Gingerbread Saturday Night!

We had so much fun
I let go of my need for perfection and we lathered on
(and ate)
 so much tacky sprinkles,candy,and icing it got to be
quite Hee-larious!
You can't even see my nice piping work on the front
because my son wanted those trees right there!
I gave up and my sister and I had great laughs during the whole thing!
I highly recommend an activity like this with little ones
because they really can't mess up
and they really feel like they are doing something big!
This was from a kit but they are so easy to make with simple graham crackers
and icing,candy you can buy on your own.
No baking involved!
The end of that night will be forever known as the
Great Village meltdown...
pictures of my son throwing an absolute tantrum when it was all over because
he wanted to demolish it or something
will be reserved for blackmail in his later years!
 I caught him with my camera just as he decided to throw his hands down
face bright red and demand he get his way!
 Hope you are getting into the holiday spirit....
Can't wait to share pics of my Vintage Christmas finds
and our new village scene next week!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh gosh your christmas decs look ace i love the idea of knitted decs for the tree and that ginger bread house looks scrummy ps. thanks for my comment and mini moo seams to be sleeping longer getting up at 7:30 now :) betther than 6 but im not banking on it lasting your little guy is so cute and i love that you call him "little keeper"

  2. Oh Pam, this post brought back so many happy memories of me and my little guy and Christmas with care because of ornaments...sigh. Your son is precious with the gingerbread house! Do you know my 14 year old still LOVES to decorate the tree and make gingerbread houses? I am so GLAD! It makes me weepy.