Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Precious Metal Clay

This weekend I took a class
from my new friend
Bronwyn Evans
at her studio
She has been making jewelry with Precious metal clay
for about 10-12 years now.
I had never heard of it until I met her
and couldn't wrap my head around what it was until I took this class.
You can visit
to learn more about it
but the interesting thing to me
was that it is made from silver by-product that
Mitsubishi Corporation
wanted to put to use....
and they hired someone to develop this!
We spent a great 1/2 a day working on our pieces...
I didn't take photos but Bronwyn has an amazing home
on a riverfront near here
and an amazing  inspiring view from the studio!
Here are the pieces that
I made as a Metal Clay Virgin...

I did not take photos of the process so I could concentrate
plus my hands were not camera safe!
But basically you shape, press, mold your pieces
and then let them dry
we used a dehydrator to speed up the process...
clean up the edges with a file
and place them in the kiln to fire them
They are white when they go in
and once they come out and cool
you can scrub them with a brass brush
and / or even put them in a tumbler
and like magic
they are silver!
The piece above was polished only...

( I put that awful string on just to show where the charm hole was)
This set was aged with sulphur and then polished again
with a fine rubbing powder...
I wanted to be able to see the design better
and the sulphur makes the design stand out...
This pair was aged the same way
The pattern was achieved with what looks like a tiny rolling pin.
You have to have a kiln to fire these so
not something you can at home unless you have one or know someone
who does. 
If you can find anyone who is near you
who teaches a class in this I would definitely recommend it!

I had a great time
and would definitely do it again!

Please remember about the journals for my
Stocking Stuffer gifting...
I could really use some help
I plan to work on them during Thanksgiving...
If you didn't hear about it check here...

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