Thursday, November 17, 2011

Journal Donations........

For the last 3 years
I have donated stocking stuffer bags to a local charity.

The idea came to me a few years ago when
my mother in-law told me about the "shoebox" gifts her church gives at
I sent her a few things to contribute to the family
she was taking care of.
For these children in rural WVA this box contained probably the
only new socks, shoes, and clothes they may get for the year.
They also of course would include some candy, books, and a few toys.
This reality still exists in OUR country!

The year I was pregnant with my son
I had a lot of time to think about things when I was at home...
he was born in December.
So the holiday surrounding this time was very
different for us living on one income.
I started thinking that even though it was different for us
and even though we were financially in a different place,
we still were in a better place than a lot of people.
There are 3 churches within walking distance of my home,
they feed and give shelter to the homeless in wintertime...
Let me tell you that the homeless are not always
drug addicts, mentally disturbed, or men unable to hold down jobs...
who at this time
have lost their jobs
and homes
due to our failing economy...
To see young children,
having to sleep on a church hall floor
is just heartbreaking,
especially at the holidays.
I thought the one way I could contribute
in a small way was to make
"stocking stuffer" bags.
The first year I asked the doctor I worked with
to donate toothpaste and toothbrushes for 40 children.
I added candy and some small toys, goodies to the bags.
I donated them anonymously .
I did not want it to be for self gratification.
In the last two years I have managed to add
20 women and 10 men to the mix.
I have tried to gear the bags towards small things to make them smile
and have a treat.
I have had a few friends who have donated money or items to help out
and two other doctors who have donated the dental products
so that we could expand our numbers.
We are operating on a pretty small budget.
Last year was the first year I personally delivered the items
with my husband...
Christmas Eve I found myself looking through
the window of the church seeing
young teenage boys and men making pads to sleep on the floor.
When we got back in the car I was so
thankful for what we do have.
This year I
wanted to ask for some help from my readers
not necessarily with money or items
(although we would gladly accept them)
but instead
inspired by
the "Little birdie told me quotes"
I receive from
I decided to try and add
a small journal with pen and or crayons.
Each to include an inspirational message.
I have felt personally like my journal and blogging this year
has helped me grow tremendously.
I am hoping that by including the journal
that children could be able to color and draw in their OWN
little book.
Adults can take time to write down thoughts
in order to have a release from the pressures they are facing..
As my fellow journalers know...
sometimes simply writing the thoughts you have in your head down
makes you feel so much better and  like you are able to move
ahead now that those things are not dancing around in your brain anymore...
my call is to all my crafty friends out there,
If you could take one of your creative moments and create
a journal -
it doesn't have to be huge,
under 20 pages
use paper you already have
and make a cover .
Put to use the scrap we all have lying around
and help me on this journey.

If you want to make  1 or 10
it would be greatly appreciated!

I would love to share the photos of the works that come in
and plan on documenting the whole process this year...

Even if you can only send one or you want to help in another way
get in touch with me and we can talk.
Link me to your friends,
Pass this around...

Here is throwing out a cosmic wish to the wind
to see what we can do!

Thank You so much for being here.....


  1. Hi Pam, we are swappers together. I will be back to read your post and figure out how I can help. Just sent you an e-mail.

  2. Pam, I blogged about this tonight; I hope you get lots of takers!