Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art and Soul kind of week....

is back in Virginia for the week.
This year they moved to Va.Beach from the original location.
I must admit that although it isn't right in my backyard anymore
that being at the beach is nice for all the people who travel here for the event.
Last night the local group who have been getting together during the year
and have adopted the name
had a potluck before Vendor night.
I have not been able to get up with the group
since last May.
So last night was the perfect time for me to meet 
I already knew a few people and met a lot of wonderful new ones.
Small world but one sweet gal I met I recognized right away...
although we had never met.
I knew her face because she follows my Pinterest boards!
How crazy is that!
It was so cool to meet her!
After we all ate ,made some trades, and gabbed A LOT!
We headed downstairs to Vendor night...
This is like Christmas for Artists...
Lots of beautiful artwork for sale, jewelry ,
and more fabric, Ephemera,trim, supplies, bits and pieces of vintage
than one person could hope for.

Just a peek...
I will post later in the week all the goodies I scored!
It was a blast..
I stayed for 2 hours before I headed home.
I will be taking a class in transformational painting
and then one from the master herself
Sally Jean Alexander 
 Making this interesting item
 A "Merry go Round" made from an old hand mixer and all kinds 
of soldered goodness!
I can't wait.
I absolutely love Sally Jean
she is such a wonderful teacher and so much FUN
this will be my 3rd class with her 
I have adopted the saying 
that if
"you didn't get burned, you didn't have fun"
might sound awful but so funny.
I 'll be sharing some Instagrams and the projects I finish during the week.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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