Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrifty and crafty....

This week for 
Thriftshare I decided to just show
one item.
Mainly because I have been looking for almost a year
for the perfect piece
to place in this Niche' that I made last May....
 This Virgin Mary from a vintage nativity
jumped out at me from a bottom shelf at the local CHKD....
she was only .79 cents!
I made the Niche' at one of Sally Jean Alexanders classes.
Every bit of that was put together by Moi!
The top is broken pieces of a crystal bowl...
The beautiful thing about it is that you can 
place one of those battery operated tea lights in the bottom
to shine through and illuminate the object inside.
There should be a back on this but I wanted
you to be able to see through the glass.
That little .79 cent piece is what I finally needed!
How amazing is the power of Thrift?!
Happy Monday all!


  1. That niche is simply gorgeous! The crystal pieces on top are just beautiful and the little Mary figure looks like she was meant to be there. Lovely! (PS--so envious that you got to take a class with Sally Jean!)

  2. Pam! Did you solder the glass pieces? This truly has become a lovely work of art. I wanted to tell you I have added your Valentine to my "Be Still My Heart" post. I don't know how I missed the photograph I had on my Desktop. Lol, if you could see the image I use, you would ask how I can find anything! Thank you again for my Perfectly Perfect Valentine! E

  3. Yes, every bit was sanded and soldered by me. Sally provides the pieces and shows you the technique and you do the rest! I actually like these larger pieces better than tiny jewelry pieces!Thanks so much!