Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss....

I thought I would share a little
of our 
themed party we had for Little Keeper
(Back in January)
in honor of Dr.Seuss Birthday this week.
I really enjoy coming up
with a theme for his parties and trying to go the extra mile.
I have these creative skills so
I feel like I should use them and not just buy everything.
The Little guy has really been into Dr.Seuss this year so it was an easy 
choice this time!
Here is one trick that I use
that can make a room seem extra special
 I like to take colored streamers
and drape them from the ceiling in the center of our dining room
I also used glittered stars and cutouts of the Cats Hat
How do I get them up there?
A Swiffer and packing tape!
We used the red/blue and black themed colors like Thing 1 and Thing 2 wear
During the year I purchased a few of the different
character stuffed animals Kohl's sold a few years ago on E-Bay
I tried to get the best deals possible
I even found two at our local Thrift Store for .99cents!
We already had a huge collection of the Dr.Seuss books
so I spread those around as well for decoration.
 I made the bunting from a 4th of July set and added the Hats to it...
We left our pet fish on the mantel for the "Fish in the Pot"
 We had several decks of Dr.Seuss flash cards
so I decided to use them as well...
I spelled his name with this set
and used the number set with his cake for his "4" th
The little box was from the dollar spot at Target!
We lucked out that they just happened to do this in the Spot during the summer!
I also thought for a fun filler I would use a bunch of the craft
pom-poms I had
sort of like Truffula Trees and the Clover from Horton
 I made up our own
Mount Crumpet Trumpets
(Bugles corn chips)
Green Eggs and Ham
(Picture to follow- white chocolate, green m&m's with pretzel sticks)
Red fish,Blue fish,Goldfish crackers
 Prairie of Prax Gummy snax
(simple gummy snacks in bags)
Thing One and Thing Two marshmallows Blue
(I made marshmallow pops dipped in blue chocolate with red sprinkles)
 Hop on Popcorn bags
Who Sweets
(assorted candy in the colors of the party - red licorice,etc)
Barbaloot Fruit Juice
(blue Hugs drinks)
Pink Yink Ink Drink
( Pink Hugs Drinks)
Cat in the hat cakes
(wow the table looks really full now, I don't remember it looking THAT full!)
 We made our cupcakes 
and I used stickers attached to drink stirrers for the decorations
I swirled different food colorings into the batter for rainbow effect!

There are several Dr.Seuss games out there right now
but you can find them on E-bay at a better price.
I lucked out and on 3 different occasions found them in thrift stores.
2 of them had never been opened!
The kids really loved this one
where you wore this Horton mask
and tried to pick up Clovers with the trunk!
 The kids didn't even care about the "game" part of it..
they just got a thrill out of picking them up!
 There are even some cool
Dr.Seuss photo Apps for Ipod/Iphone
that we used
for pictures of the guests!
We also played any of the DVD's we had of Dr.Seuss movies
like the Lorax, Green  Eggs and Ham,  The cat in the Hat, The Grinch, etc.
All in all it was a great day!
I really tried to make use of things we had
and inexpensive things I found over the period of a few months.
A great resource for ideas is of course the internet.
There is also a site called
that has lots of great ideas,games,and downloads especially for parties.
Hope you have a little Seusslike fun
and read a great story by the master...
I often think his books were really meant for
I have given this as a graduation gift before...
I read it to my son a few weeks ago
and it struck me
how motivational it could be
for even a family as ourselves going through some
major economy driven issues.
I think you just feel better no matter what Dr.Seuss book you pick up,
if you don't
well even the Grinch had a change of heart...
Happy Birthday Mr.Geisel
I hope you all enjoyed our little show.

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  1. awwww Dr.Seuss is amazing i love your popcorn bags and the cute buntin looks like you have loads of fun thank you for my lovely comments just read them all ive just ordered some Dr.Seuss fabric im soo excited for it to come <3 much love x