Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodies in the Bag!

The last week has been so busy!
I managed to squeeze in some time for vintage goodness
thanks to
I am splitting up the finds I had into two posts
because there were so many!
I found this lovely tablecloth in some
colors I don't have yet for $6.00
 These lovely tiny spools of tatting threads
were .25 cents each

This lovely little English lady
was only $3.00
I couldn't resist the colors and the flowers in the skirt
so many little precious elements to her!
 These two Vintage Hallmark
Party Games books
are full of pages of games, etc.
I loved the colors to the one on the right...
 Lastly I always love a little Christmas!
These gummed stickers were $2.00
I'm not sure how many pages there are
but it is a nice thick little stack!
I also couldn't resist the Santa
I got 3 for $2.00!
Head on over to 
Apron Thrift Girl 
and check out what everyone else found!

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  1. You found some great stuff, girl! My favorite are the little Hallmark books.