Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun at the Field Museum Chicago

When we visited Chicago
my sister tried to really make
sure we were able to go to some of
the more kid friendly sights 
since it was Little Keepers first big trip....
He and his best buddy Ayden LOVE dinosaurs
they could tell us all these complicated names like 
when they were 2 years old....
so the Field Museum was on the top of the list 
Sue the famous T-Rex skeleton is showcased there....
Roar! like a Dinosaur....
Three stories...
The place is gigantic!
We spent most of the time with the Dinosaurs...
 standing in a footprint....
 They have an interactive board like this in his
classroom so he knew how to use it instantly...
We were all impressed...
and he pretty much put the whole skeleton together with little help from us!
 Sitting on a femur with Uncle J.....

Ice Age Mammoth....
My sis' married name is McDonald so we thought this was funny...

There was so much to take in...
we spent from about 2 p.m. until almost 5 p.m. there
and it was pretty much perfect timing for a 4 year old...
There were so many other exhibits 
from Mummies to an underground bugs exhibit
to life size Narwhals.
Who can resist seeing a Narwhal right?!
  Of course all exhibits seem to end in some sort of
pretty much overpriced gift shop
to which you have to drag your child out of
so they don't end up pleading for the $20 dinosaur you could
get at home in the dollar store....
The cool thing was when we went to the lower level to get a drink and take
a break ,
I noticed these four "Mould-A-Rama" machines...
I think this was one of the coolest souvenirs ever 
look at the price
The machine makes the dino you choose right in front of you....
 then it pops it out and drops it into the basket for you
to catch....
The side of each one had "The Field Museum" stamped into it.
We let him get two and he was thrilled with them!
Loved watching them being made..
I just thought they were Kitschy Cool...
I think this is a hidden gem in the basement!

The parking garage for the complex is underneath
Soldier Field...
What an amazing looking stadium.
I'm not much of a football fan but I was pretty impressed with the design of this.
My suggestion if you ever get to the Field Museum
is to go with a BASIC pass if you have little ones.
There are other levels that include more special exhibits and cost almost $20 more.
The BASIC pass had so much to cover with a set of little feet
and the special exhibits all had lines that your little one would have to be 
patient enough to wait in.
 I think our combined ticket price of $25 was well worth it.
Definitely give the little feet and your own a break
and head to the lowest level for a snack
and some cheap, unique, and fun souvenirs!

Hope you enjoyed a bit of our little adventure.

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