Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wedding Bells.....

I can finally
share with you all
some of the photos of my sisters wedding!

I would definitely not want to photograph weddings!
Takes a certain skill
to capture ALL those moments and do it

Little Keeper being a ham w/ his too short tie!

I really like the perspective I ended up
getting with this shot!

 Little Keeper is VERY impatient!
He ended up falling down and scuffing his pants up 
while running around waiting for his turn with the photos.
Then he was so upset he wouldn't let us take his picture!
When I finally got him to agree to do it
THIS is the look he gave the photographer!
Oh, well.
At least we have a ridiculous story to tell!

The cupcake on the bottom right
was carrot cake with brown butter icing...
Definitely my favorite!

 Dive in!

 I also have to say she did a lot of online
browsing for color schemes and flower choices...
the group board we set up on Pinterest is extremely popular
and still gets repins from it daily!
My parents

 Teenie Weenie Manly Milkshakes.....
  Loved the idea of taking the pic of the cake AFTER the first slice was taken!
 Believe me I took a lot of pics
I decided to just share a sampling.
It was a very lovely wedding
my sister says it could
not have gone more perfectly for her!

We had such a great time!
I will share more about our trip this week!
 Happy Thursday all!

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