Monday, May 9, 2011

Thriftshare Monday....

Long weekend of feeling tired,
but a sinus infection couldn't keep me down.
Felt good enough to go out Mothers Day and do some junking...
What is it with old guys in thrift stores who think they know everything?
There are a few regulars I see at Estate sales and local shops
It's almost as if they aren't really interested in what they buy...
as long as it "looks old"
and they can be pretty pushy or rude...
I laugh at them usually and don't engage in much conversation with them...
because they are usually trying to get whatever you have
by talking it down
They just don't know who they are messing with when it comes to me!
My baby face makes them think I'm a newbie...
little do they know I have been trained by generations of
thrifty ladies!
when one of these "Oldies" tried to get this board game from me
Him ="Hey, that looks old"
Me="Yeah, it probably is"(acting like I don't care)
He comes over to inspect it in my hands!
Him="Probably missing most of the pieces"
Me="Actually it is in great shape and has all the original pieces,
there's another one in the back if you want to take a look"
Me= "That one is missing most of the pieces though, but it's old.
That's what you're interested in right?Old"
Him="Humpphh" (stinky smirk)
He= walks off leaving me in peace...
I'm usually such a friendly person but these guys just bug me
Don't get me wrong - I'm not just being this way to any old guy I meet at a sale
This "type" I just get their vibe right away..
Find #2
Awesome Kodak camera for my collection...
Bellows are still great
Glass sight still there
Everything you'd want to be intact
There is even a roll of film inside!
But who knows if it can even be developed or if it has been exposed somehow..
It was raining and got wet on the table it was displayed on
I talked the guy into $4 from $10 since I was going to have to try and dry it out
and keep it from rusting...
Cigar box full of Ephemera
Postage stamps
Savings stamps and books for all kinds of things
from Silverware, China, and books..
I remember my mom and my great grandmother saving for things like this too.
Every now and then I see a promotion like this in our grocery
but they don't really seem like a deal anymore...
Hope you all had a great Mothers Day..
Head on over to Apron Thrift Girl to see all the other great finds!
Come back next week for my first giveaway...
Got some great items in the works..
Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for visiting, it gave me a chance to find you right back - love the game and the camera, something so artistic about them both.

  2. I have a similar experience with the 'old guys' I call them 'dealers' though that's unfair as a lot of my close friends are professional antiques sellers! The 'dealers' I see at estate sales/thrift stores/flea markets are often on the hunt for gold/silver/any type of precious metal they can sell to be melted down. As an avid collector of vintage jewelry this saddens me as they don't care about the history or artistry of the piece but only its metal content. :(

    Glad you outwitted that guy, you had some great finds this week!!