Monday, September 24, 2012

Always a reason.....

Just thought
I'd give you a little update...
I mentioned the other day I wasn't quite feeling
my usual creative spark...
I also haven't been feeling too well physically...
This morning on CNN I happened to see a piece about
a recall on peanut butter from Trader Joe's
due to Salmonella contamination...
This so far is the specific one
The Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter
with Sea Salt.

My husband had also not been feeling well and I was beginning to think
he had an ulcer or something.
His symptoms were different because he was eating it more often.
My symptoms were mild but enough
to have headaches every day for almost 2 weeks
and upset stomach and just an uck tired feeling...
I started feeling much better last Friday and then ate it for lunch and within
a few hours started feeling crummy again.
Today I feel better but still pretty tired.
Salmonella poisoning can vary greatly based
on your immune system and exposure.
I think I was lucky this time.
I have had Salmonella poisoning one other time and it
was not as mild
actually was pretty much instant and was HORRIBLE.
I thought I had the flu but a year
later when I took Microbiology I instantly recognized the symptoms.
MY point being
if you have any of this 
I almost would say i would avoid any peanut butter
from Trader Joe's until they figure out exactly
where the contaminant came from.

At least I feel a bit better that I wasn't 
crazy and there really was something bringing me down.

Hope the next few days will be better
and doing better physically will help
me with my creative needs.


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