Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey, What happened?

I feel like
I have been neglecting the ol' blog here a bit....
I always used to wonder why fellow creative ladies
would seem to disappear from their blogs
during the summertime...

It only takes a few minutes

now I know! 

Somehow this summer I was just consumed with all the 
other things to try and get
done with a child in the house
try and enjoy Summer as well.

I have joined 
the mommies who run to the bus stop
their Yoga pants, sweatshirts and hair pulled up quick
to at least try and look 
like I put a tiny bit of effort
 into not just rolling out of bed
 out the door!

Hopefully now 
I can get back on track with my creative side....

I thought I'd share a few things I have made recently
had not been able to post yet.....

 Made this hammered copper charm at "Art Camp"
Torches , hammers and a mob of women....
you would have thought we were out to hunt down a monster 
with all of those ingredients right?
Was very fun and we had a wonderful teacher....
Super talented 
beautiful to boot!
This was my first time doing any tiny amount of metal working
and I would love to invest in some tools
to explore it further at some point.
This was a real treat....
I'll make this into a necklace or a book cover eventually....
Acid, metal, stamps, tape, sandpaper, baking soda and water....
This was made with the same process....
can you guess what it is?
It is an empty bullet casing!
Etched by the same chemical process 
to be used as is
 as a charm to hide things in,
sort of  a do what you will with it piece!
Hopefully something like this.....
 Which was created by
who is 
(as she would say)
"My new best friend"....
She is an absolutely fabulous, fun, crack you up person!
She made this process totally un-intimidating....

what have you been up to this summer?
I'd love to hear about it,
I feel like it just flew by...
 I am glad to see it go.
This girl has lived in humidity her whole life
but this year 
the 100 plus degree temperatures for weeks on end were just too much!
Today is actually the first day that really feels like Fall...
going to head out to the porch with a cup
 sit for a bit....
Have a Happy Monday!

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