Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello old friend.....

I'm cleaning out my 
"studio" space....
HA...because it is really just my corner 
of the spare room.....
While organizing I un-boxed this
coffee mug that holds some fantastic memories....

"Hello again old friend"
My how time is passed.
We really need to get re-acquainted..
Certain friends who see it will know all about
the History involved in Prince Georges cafe......
One of those wonderful small operations
where the workers knew us by name....
we'd stop in after work at 9 or 10 p.m. after working
our various college jobs...
drink espresso, have a DOG Street Chill, and then pool our quarters to see how many
chocolate covered coffee beans we could get out of the scoop jar...
head out to walk and haunt old Williamsburg ,
literally "haunt" 
staking out the old homes that were said to be haunted
to watch for anything other worldly going on...
gaze at the stars and watch meteor showers
talk about anything and everything into the wee hours.
Such great memories....
(view of DOG street in the daytime)
Prince Georges was swallowed up by
a larger local chain in later years.
They haven't matched what was so charming about
Prince Georges....
You can buy the space but not the atmosphere
if you know what I mean.
Our memories are great though....
The day after I took this photo my best friend sent me a text
with a picture of her brothers mug
She was visiting him in Boston
and was surprised to see he still had it ...
I think we all bought one eventually.
How cosmic is it that she sent me that the day after I found 

I think we need to have a Prince Georges reunion?
What do you say guys?

Do you have a kitchen item that brings back memories?
A dish from your grandmother?
A baby spoon?
If not maybe you can start your own
tradition with something of your own.
A casserole dish to be used every Sunday.
A special hot chocolate mug just for grandkids or nieces and nephews?
I'd love to hear about it !
I fully expect to hear from my DOG street gang as well !
Happy Thursday everyone! 

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