Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day!

Saturday we went back to school shopping
and a few of our stops were
at one or two of my favorite local Thrift Stores...

I frequently find clothing from
stores like
Old Navy
The Gap
The Childrens Place
with the tags still on!
I found quite a few things for my son
like that this weekend...
 best buy was a LL Bean down jacket
with the tags on for $2.99!

Now on to my few finds!

 This Homer Laughlin platter
has been well loved...
it was only $3.00!
I have been picking up things like this to use in the kitchen
or to place candles, etc. on like a tray...
I figure if they break it is o.k.
it didn't cost me much and I would rather it be used than sit on a shelf!

 These two hankies I spied in the bottom of a basket
and snatched them up for their bright colors and pretty designs..
$.75 cents each!

This little apothecary jar matches a few I already have
great for seed beads or glitter!
.25 cents!
This was my favorite find....
this tiny little case holds a plastic rain bonnet...
My grandma always had one of these in her purse when I was a kid...
Especially on the way to church you did not want your "Do'" to get messed up!
I was always fascinated with tiny or little things
I probably made off with a few of her bonnet cases...
so when I saw this on a shelf
a flood of memories came to me and my heart jumped with
a bit of joy...
turned it over and it was only $.25 cents!
how awesome was that?!
I'm just going to keep it on my jewelry tray in my room to look at...
Did you find anything great this weekend?

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  1. Oh, I love the platter that you got. I've recently started collecting old mismatched china and vintage glasses in different colors. I'm so over having everything match...LOL I'm running out of cupboard space and need to let go of my old new things to make room for my new old things..LOL :)

    Found you on a comment at Grandma's Trash.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else