Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food Italia style ....

A few days ago
I was going back through my photos
and through my blog posts and I realized
I never finished sharing some of my posts
about Italy!
I think the magnitude and overwhelming
amount of photos and information
got the best of me....
I had shown the bulk of photos to so many people and on Facebook
that I sort of forgot I had not finished posting them here!
 for some fun
 I'm going to finish what I started...
plus I have been scheming ways to get back to Italy soon
and it has been on my mind quite a bit!
So here is where I left off...

I have so much more to share about Italy
enough architecture and statues a friend joked
What did you eat?......
(she wanted to know about the men too- but that is for another day!)
 These lemons grew right outside my door...
Lemon ice..
marinated lemon rind..
you name it they can make it with a lemon...
 Pizza of course...
We visited the famous
Pizzeria De Michele' in Naples'
this was a
 they have been open since the 1870's I believe...
and of course 
it was featured in Eat, Pray, Love...
 Wood fired oven
and maybe the St. Of Pizza above it on the left?
 "You want Cheese? No Cheese? Double Cheese?"
that's it!
"Coke, water, or Arrancita?"
(Arrancita=orange drink) 
That is it, 
simple easy menu that doesn't need a lot of fluff
when your product is done right!

The Pizzeria was well loved before the movie
now all us foreigners have invaded!
 Mozzarella and Salami appetizers were routine...
I must say the salami was so much better
than what I have had at home.
Ours seems greasy to me
and this was not that way at all.
It had a woodsy, smoky sort of taste to it.
You only have to eat one or two pieces..
 Amazing Artichokes...
we had them while visiting the Jewish quarter ..
not like a State Fair breaded kind..
but dropped in the fryer until it was crispy
and then pulled out and sprinkled with salt and pepper...
 Bombolini ...
You say donut in any language and I will try it!
They had lots of these everywhere for little snacks...
filled with a tiny bit of hazelnut chocolate
or cream...
That photo above is not mine I have linked to the site
I got it from.
We had a few of these flaky bites of heaven
and they never got photographed because we were too
busy inhaling them!
Usually they have filling as well...

This is Italian fast food...
walk up pick out what you want they package it up for you....
Bruschetta of course....
Pasta by Bruno....
more pasta w/ meat sauce by Bruno...
Bruno working away at teaching me how to make
"You don't need fancy gadgets"
You hands, a table, a bowl, your ingredients, and a cup!
look at all those beauties!
Rooftop dining at its finest....
My new favorite candy bar....
Duplo by Ferrero
the company who makes Roche'.
A few girls sitting next to me on the boat home from Capri
were eating these
 and going on about how amazing they were.
On our way back to Rome we stopped at a station 
that had them in a box of 6.
I bought them with the tintention of bringing them home to share.
Once they were opened...
they quickly became like gold!
I had to hide 2 so my hubby wouldn't finish them off!
I said to him a few weeks ago I wanted some for  
he replied
"to share?"
ask Santa for your own!
Hope you enjoyed this and maybe saw something you would
like to try!

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  1. OMG, just looking at your photos and reading your descriptions made me hungry -- and I'm full from dinner!!! I must, must eat my way through Italy one of these days!