Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hi to all...
I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.
Just had a busy week!
Getting used to a different schedule for the family..
Loss of the first baby tooth for Little Keeper...
and March Madness-
not the basketball kind...
this ridiculous weather!
One minute it is 60 a few hours later
we have freezing rain and snow!

 I have to admit
this winter I have just been in a bit of a slump...
I think the lack of sunlight really truly bothers me.
Trying to drink more of the above.
Homemade juices with all kinds of fruits and veggies...
I even have to admit 
some days
 I just don't even want to clean the juicer out!
Hoping that the stretch for the next few days with
predicted sunny skies will help.
I've mailed out my Easter swap
and I'm working AGAIN at cleaning out my little
creative space.
Trying to get it organized.
I found some wonderful inspiration for the space..

I'm STILL working on cleaning out the storage space...
we only get there in waves...
bring home a load..
go through it...
decide what goes to the thrift store..
then where to put what we keep?

I have started to see the multi-purpose uses for a lot of my treasures.
Mr. Keeper has a BAD habit
of breaking pretty much anything
that I like.
I have so much vintage and I want to use it.
 Last week I decided to take several items up to the craft room.
One of my jadeite canisters got broken in all the moving about
so I took the surviving two and decided to use them to store paintbrushes.
Lots of vintage tins are headed up to be used to store bits and pieces
like stamps and buttons.
Hopefully this will be a nice solution.
It may be for the better anyway.
Seeing the things I love in my creative space may inspire me even further.
You may remember this 1940's dress
I found during the summer...
Before I wear it,
I was wondering if anyone had any tips
on how to launder a vintage garment ?
It is cotton and handmade.
Just leave me a comment if you have any suggestions.
I'd really appreciate it.
I'll be posting some more goodies that have come out of
the storage boxes and a few that were sent my way
this week.

Hope you are having a Happy and Sunny Tuesday!


  1. Hi Pam, I'm on my reader which doesn't let me answer e-mails, but I wanted to get back to you. I'd love to send you the banner kit if yu can e-mail me your address. I love all the treasures you are discovering and can't wait to see your craft room. You haven't missed the supply swap. Sandy wants to wait until May, but I don't think I can wait that long! Would you like to be my partner? I'd love for you to be mine. Thank you so muck for your well wishes. They mean so much! Elizabeth

  2. Hi Pam! I read a blog called Va Voom Vintage she has great tips on vintage clothing. Also Vixen Vintage is another good one! I love the dress!!!

  3. I wear my vintage 50s dresses all summer. Wash them by hand in warm soapy water and use a mild soap. I rinse two or three times then hang them to dry, never put mine in the dryer. If you find stains you want to remove, I use Oxyclean in a strong solution and soak for six hours. The recipe is on the box of Oxyclean, it's pricey stuff but won't fade vintage fabrics and it works!