Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just had to share this!

I just had to share this
because it excited me beyond belief...
 This doll house made by the R.Bliss company
just sold on E-bay last night for...
drumroll please....
For days it sat with 9 bids at $600
and then in the last hour it went in a frenzy
with 16 bidders chomping at the bit!

I have to say I was surprised
because it had quite a lot of paper damage
and the inside looked to have water damage  and quite a lot of staining on the first floor.

Why was I so excited?
A few years ago I was at a favorite antique shop
and spied a small dollhouse with lithographed paper
It just spoke to me and I had to have it.
It was $45 and that was a lot to me but it just seemed so special.
It has been sitting in my living room cabinet for the last few years on display.

It is not as large as the one above
but it is excellent condition compared to the others I have been able
to find online.
The funny thing is Pinterest helped me find
out more about the little dollhouse.
Someone had pinned an exact picture of the one I own
and I followed the link to learn some bits and pieces about the
Bliss Dollhouse company.

I will share with you in my next post
 pictures of my little gem
and a tad of history about the company.

I hate to part with her
 I will have to put her up for auction.
The awful economy has put a freeze on the job 
Mr.Keeper was just hired for.
We don't know when or if he will start the job now.
Bills have to be paid and maybe this was why the little
gem came into my life for a brief time.
To enjoy and then pass on to someone else who appreciates it.
 Come back to see the darling townhome
and her fabulous interior!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for your message on my blog. I'm interested to see the paper house and staggered at how much it sold for! Sorry to hear you have to part with yours, certainly things are hard in the economy right now.
    Keep your chin up.
    Hen xxx

  2. Hi Pam, What an amazing amount of money! I can't wait to see yours. Elizabeth

  3. Oh how wonderful! I would be thrilled, too! I love it and I don't even like dolls!! :)