Saturday, March 16, 2013

In honor of our Irish roots....

Gearing up for the St.Patrick's day 
our little day always consists
of the annual
Corned beef , cabbage, and potatoes....
wearing a bit of green ,orange
if my son can still fit in his kilt this year he will wear that again! 
Although he may object this year...
For fun a little green milk and lucky charms...
(o.k. NOT Irish - but fun for the kiddo)
 a treasure hunt...
one of my most favorite movies ever...
The Quiet Man

 I have some Irish in my hubby's side of the family 
and now
 so does my sister.

With a new married name of
there is no dispute there!

I just thought I would share a few of her photos 
from their
Irish Honeymoon
 in honor of St.Patrick's day coming up...
 Love this shot she took of their rings - very fitting for the occasion.
This Panorama if of the Cliffs of Moher
sorry my side bar covers some of it....
This is probably my favorite one she took...
I just love the Celtic cross on the hill.
Hope you having a great weekend and are gearing up for
a little wearin' o' the green!
Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. I love this post--Such pretty pictures! I'm going to have to watch The Quiet Man since I love Irish movies but have never seen it. Have fun tomorrow!

    1. Thanks - You too! Definitely find it - such a classic movie!

  2. Oh My! What a romantic honeymoon! Your sister looks so lovely. Don't you just love the new style of wedding rings. They are so Victorian. Beautiful. Have yourself a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! E

    1. She really was beautiful....they had a great time and were there for New Years which was even more exciting. Have a great day yourself!