Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Saturday morning
we just wanted to get out of the house....
I had seen the night before
 that our local Salvation Army
was having a huge indoor yardsale.
I had been to this particular one 
several times -years ago.
It was always packed and had lots of good finds..
We arrived 30 minutes after it was supposed to begin
and when we went in....
There were two whole people with booths
and they were pitiful.
We hopped back in the van 
and decided to stop at Krispy Kreme
so Little keeper could see the
"donuts take a bath".
A long time favorite thrift store is a few doors down so we 
decided to stop there
to see if we could salvage the morning.
Slim pickings again...
 I did spy these as I was on my way out...
I have to admit I bought them
for sentimental reasons...
My great grandmother had a set in her bathroom
and they are one of those things that stick out in my mind when
I remember her house...
I may put them near my desk in my little studio space.
$1.98 !
We headed home to drop off my hubby
and then Little Keeper went with me to run a few errands...
A couple of streets from our house,
 I spied an Estate Sale that had not been advertised.
dropped off the kiddo and headed back around the corner,
hoping this sale would save my thrifty Saturday morning...
The houses in this particular neighborhood
were built in the 30's and 40's
and a lot of them are still occupied by original owners.
I love stepping inside them because most of the time
they have not been updated.
Original cupboards and tiles in the kitchens 
and chocked full of vintage furnishings.
I think there were quite a lot of items when it opened 
and I was catching the last of the smalls...
 I have always wanted one of these flour sifters
and this one just needs a good cleaning.
The little paper doll was just sitting on a counter so they gave her to me
for .10cents
There are four delicate little baby doll dresses
a bonnet
marked "Linda Baby" on the tags inside...
I figured I could use them in some sort of project or trade them.
There was only 1 tiny baby doll skate
and I took it to use in a shadow box.
This velvet photo holder was just too beautifully aged
to pass up.
Definitely will be making a book out of it!

This great little house turned out to
have some wonderful  finds.
I didn't spend much but was very happy with my take home!
Did you find anything this weekend?
Head on over to
to check out some more thrifty bloggers!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Wonderful finds, Pam! I esp. love the flour sifter with the cheery cherry motif, and that velvet album!

    1. I thought of you when I was buying that album...if they had two it would have been yours! ;)

  2. i just brought home a set of these chalkware fishies last weekend - so kitschy cute! wish we had more old neighborhoods near us... there's always a little treasure to be had inside! {enjoyed visiting your blog!}

  3. WOW! You really found some cute stuff!!!!I love those old baby clothes and that paperdoll is a real cutie :)

  4. What great scores! Every item is a little treasure.

    You got a great buy on the deli paper. One thousand sheets of creativity......