Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mixed Media Muffins......

I just knew those vintage 
 cupcake toppers
would come in handy for something...

It pays to be crafty sometimes...
Especially when dealing with a picky eater....

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hi.I have no idea how they will come out. I saw your post on the Custards about the banners. I don't sew and I make banners. I do hand sew and glue can be your best friend. Her banners are wonderful. I am doing an Spring Bunny Swap right now. When all the swaps get here I am going to make them into swaps. Are you in the se swap. I see the button on the side. Also, love that the first thing I see on your blog is the clown cupcake topper because I am a clown. Kinda semi-retired right now. Come see my banners when they get finished.

  2. Pam, I love this! You are very creative and a picky eater doesn't stand a chance around you. lol! I want one too!