Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A few years ago
I purchased a photo scanner
for my parents for Christmas...
Back in the Fall I asked my dad if I could borrow it.
 I wanted to have my own copies of some family
I have several family members who do not want to part with
their inherited pictures for me to bring them home
and copy them.
With this scanner however I can now
take it with me and copy them at their home!
I have had a few chances to sit down and copy
a few that my parents loaned me.
Looking at them I see all kinds of funny things
or remember stories
and I thought that my blog would be the perfect place to
So here is the first in my series...
 These two mischievous lads are
my Uncle (left) and my Father (right)...
It was taken less than a mile from where I live now...
It is part of a Museum complex.
I'm sure when this was taken you could crawl in it and all over it.
Of course you can't now..
someone would get hurt and sue the city right?
Oh the dangers and adventures of being a child in the 50's! 
The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad was brought through our area
waaay back in 1881 when to bring in coal to the port near our home
 for worldwide shipping!
They are standing on a piece of history that changed our farming
community into a major port and later a "City"...
Most people drive right by it now and have no idea why it is sitting
on the side of the Boulevard.
My dad and his brother have facial expressions and stances
in this picture that speak of their personalities even today!
They may have a few grey hairs now 
but they have the exact same eyes and facial expressions sometimes...

In a world where so many people move frequently
and away from the places they grew up...
I think it is vital to take some time,stop ,and look at where you are.
That strip mall may have had a grand hotel or a dairy farm where
it  sits...
Visit the library archives , use an online research tool
 better yet -
go talk to 
make friends with some of your older neighbors .
You will learn history first hand instead of sitting on the couch
staring at a screen.

There is so much to appreciate in the scheme of things
if we ignore history
we lose a sense of just how far our
country has come in such a short time .

I will continue to share snippets and photos weekly...
Have a Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love this! Great idea to have a portable scanner. One of my aunts is the family historian and she compiles books of priceless photos and stories that I feel so lucky to have access to. You're right about stopping to think about what our towns were like in days gone by. Ours has several public art installments specifically to teach us the city's history. I am fifth generation in my family here and when I think about how much history I have in my town I love it even more! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a wonderful vintage photo of your dad and uncle. I so love looking thru family photos, brings back all sorts of memories for sure, gives most of us warm fuzzy feelings.
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my "whooosaa" post. I will wear the beauty often!

  3. Oh lovely post! I agree with you too. Live life!
    Your photo and story of it was fascinating to read. Thank you for sharing some of your family history.

  4. I love that photo...I have alot of old family photos...I cherish everyone of them... family history is very important....and what a wonderful story:)
    Thankyou for sharing :)