Monday, February 25, 2013


It's a two latte' kind of day today....
This week my Thriftshare is the best kind of thrift...
things I already own
one gift!

Let me explain...
My husband and I have been working on emptying
out a storage space we have had for years...
I have decided to let go of a lot
and keep what I really love.
No longer hanging on to things just because they are old or pretty...
Do I really love them?
Will I use them?
Do they have a purpose?

So here are a few things I unearthed
whilst digging through the boxes this weekend.
 First is the green enamel pail thingy...
I have no idea what it would be used for 
I know when I bought it years ago,
I did because it was my favorite shade of green!

The enamel bowl is also a favorite I was glad to finally
find in the pile!
If I can just keep my husband from ruining it in the dishwasher!
We like to eat popcorn out of it
and I often mix up cakes in it.
The yellow striped apron was still in the package!
So out she came and straight into use...
a gal can never have too many aprons right?
 My mustached little chef has been found!
Here is perfect example of -
it has a purpose!
I just hope he is handled with care
 by Mr. and Little Keeper.
 I have decided if I keep everything in the cabinet what 
is the purpose of having it?
Hopefully I will find his little mate -a two sided basket/nut cup.
The little pot with the roses
was a gift from my mom.
She found it last month at a thrift store for 3.98!
I just have to decide what to use it for!?
Lots of my Jadeite collection is coming out now too.
That is one thing I won't tolerate being mis-handled...
Mr.Keeper knows if ANY of it gets broken he might as well go
and sleep in his car...
because he will have a LOT to do to make up for it!
I collected Jadeite before Martha made it so popular again..
I still curse her for it to this day!
It used to be so inexpensive 
and I just fell in love with the color and the sweet little designs on some of the sets.
SO anyway,
Mrs.Hen there in the background is going up on the shelf on display!
Check out some more fun finds over at
Apron Thrift Girl 
A very 
Happy Birthday 
my little sister...
 How cute is that?

Have a Happy Monday everyone!


  1. The little mustached chef is too cute! I love the green enamel paint thingy too! Nice to bring out the things that make us smile. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! :) I've been doing the same thing recently, cleaning and trying to prioritize what I really want to keep. Letting go can be tough, lol. I think the finds you've shown here are lovely!

  3. Pam, I would love to have a storage shed filled with these treasures! Every single one of these reclaimed items would have a Place to Be in my house. Wonderful!
    I too had an entire set of vintage Jadite dishware, but it was so unappealing to eat on that I gave it all away. I'm sad to this day about it!
    By the way, was it you who sent me an envelope filled with paper ephemera? That you are going through things stashed away, possibly it is. Please let me know as a VERY big THANK YOU is in order! Have a lovely day! Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth I wish someone would give me their Jadeite! My grandma tells me about when it came in oatmeal and flour sacks back in the 40's...Those dishes are the only ones I won't really let my family eat off of -I have some reproduction ones that Fire King manufactured in the last 10 years that they can-but not the originals :). Company who understand what it is and will be careful with it get to... If I come across anything that reminds me of you - you may find a surprise in your mailbox!