Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I recently signed on
for an
interesting concept...


you can call it pay-it-forward too if you like also...

If you would like to play along
here is how it goes...
The first 5 people to comment and leave their  blog address will receive from me, sometime in 2013, a small gift handmade by me....a surprise in the mail! In this age of digital everything, who doesn't love actual  mail you can hold in your hands?

There will be no warning, but once I know that the recipient has indeed received the surprise, I will blog about the gift I sent and count down the five surprises with all my blog readers!

The Catch:
Those 5 people must make the same offer on their blog!
If you're interested in participating, making some new friends in blog land, and sharing your creative talents, then please leave me a comment.  I will be contacting the first 5 people who comment to get your mailing address so I will be ready to send your surprise in the coming months!
I look forward to hearing from you!
Happy Creating!
So what do you think?
I hope you will join in!
I also wanted to share this little piece of work I created
this weekend with my TAG gals
at a 
drawing class.
 Only allowed to draw in ink.
No erasing.
It actually was pretty relaxing.
Not bad for my first attempt.
I feel like I could go design a coloring book now!

Please sign up for the Craft-It-Forward!
Happy Tuesday and next I will share my 
Candy Box Swap from Michele!

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  1. Hi. I'm not signing up for the craft it forward, since I have already done it on my blog, but I am nominating you for a Liebster Award. Participation is entirely voluntary. I don't know if you've been nominated before. If not, and you want to participate, please visit my blog for instructions. Thank you! - Derrith S. tiedupinribbon.blogspot.com