Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrifty Goodness!

I have been trying
to be good....
staying away from the thrift stores...
Valentine's Day.

My hubby and I had a bit of time to
use up after our lunch 
and before we had to pick up 
Little Keeper...
He asked if I wanted to make a quick stop
at my favorite thrifty spot?
Like he even had to ask ?

A few small items and a big one from my childhood...
 Teeny tiny nativity scene for .13 cents!
and some rick rack for same thing .13 cents!
(It was half off day!)
Too bad baby Jesus is missing ..
I'll be able to use it for some project next Christmas.
 Tiny Whitman's Sampler tin
and some bits and pieces all 3 in a bag for .55 cents.

When we walked in this was sitting right on the front counter...
 A Fisher Price
Sesame Street playset straight out of my childhood...
I figured someone was buying it since it was on the counter.
When I went to pay for my whole dollar something worth of purchases
I asked how much it sold for and the
lady at the counter said no one had purchased it yet...
They only wanted $12 dollars for it.
I know the vintage Fisher Price items go for a lot more than that.
So I bought it with the intentions of reselling it.
This had so many original pieces and a lot 
don't have any of them.
I have a few pieces left from my set but only 2 or 3.
 Mr.Hooper's store on one side
and the alley ways where Big Bird's nest 
the other where Oscar the Grouch's trash can are....
 Bert and Ernie's room...
a chalkboard in the center...
a lunch counter...
 The other side is the brownstone that everyone was always
playing or sitting out in front of.
The trash truck was a bonus...
I have only seen a few online.
I hate it when I buy things like this to re-sell...
My Little Keeper saw it and immediately wanted it.
The more I see it sitting on the table the more I get attached to it too.
Childhood memories do that sort of thing don't they?
I guess I can let my little guy play with it a bit
and sell it in a few months?
What did you find this weekend?
Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Wow! What a score! You found a lot of fun stuff but that FP Sesame Street toy takes the cake!