Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girl Scouts broaden their network.....

This has become a favorite
that I have started to post round' this time
every year...

It's that time of year again.....
You try to walk into the grocery store,
and there they are...
You try to go into the gas station to pay,
and there they are....
You try to get into the mall,
and there they are....
watching you,
calling out to you,
you feel the pressure
as the other addicts are there getting their fix...
These doe eyed little devils dealing their drugs...
I mean..... cookies.
Well organized and dating as far back as 1917
Girl Scouts are the mafioso of baked goods...
Their reach is felt far into all of society...

Early ring leader...
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt!
In the beginning,
girls were taught the recipe and cookies were baked at home..
They were sent out in roving gangs to peddle their "goodies"
 at.25 to.30 cents a dozen.
During WWII when sugar,flour,and butter were in shortage
they were smart enough to diversify and sell calendars for a time...
To involve all age groups
the girls are broken up into gangs.
These girls are taught to keep up a wholesome image
so as to hide the true nature of their network...
"Service projects" for the communities they live in...

From rescuing helpless kittens
to visiting with the elderly....
These cherubs are well organized and compensated...
Selling to earn badges , status, and recognition in their gangs,
or as they call them "troops".

Troops supported by of all people,
 their mothers...

Distribution has gone Worldwide involving the U.S. Military
Now look who is in negotiations to get in on some of that
well organized cookie action.....
The network (or council) is expanding to show they don't discriminate!
Low fat,
Sugar free,
Once excluded,
 diabetics ,dieters , and even the Jewish can eat them now!
What has this world come to?
Soon they will retreat back into their underworld
to replenish their supplies for next year..
Until that time stay strong...
If you see those colorful boxes in a loved ones freezer,
sneak them out so they won't be tempted to fall off the wagon.
Seriously though
I have to admit...
I am a recovering Cookie-Holic...
I was even once a dealer!
I still have my box of badges and medals hiding in my closet!
***for 2013 a friend of mine in New York posted this pic***
 Now they have trucks!
You can go to a website and it tells you where the trucks are located for the day!
Are you in recovery?
Drop me a line or join my support group...
Looking forward to your comments...


  1. So funny -- I've already bought two boxes from a door to door scout and have noticed this year that there are many cars with a sign on their window, "Get your Girl Scout Cookies here"!

  2. I was a Girl Scout once, many moons ago.
    What a great organization, indeed.
    Thanks for stopping by my work table post. I am using copies of the old pages, would not want to let any of them go. I have been having a blast creating with these images.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. I was too! All the way until High School! lots of good memories!

  3. Hahahaha! This cracks me up! Hubby's a teacher and so we get inundated with requests. So the rule announced in class is that we buy one box from the first person who asks. We support the cause in a small way, and can honestly smile at all those cute kids and let them know we already bought some! =)