Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blue What?! &*%$

I keep having this
problem where all of the sudden
my computer just freaks out and I get a 
warning and my computer performs a
(Hee-Ha I know)
I have tried a system restore and went a day or so
and thought I was good...
and then it happened again yesterday!
Anyone have any advice?

In the meantime...
I finished my Candy Box Swap for
 (this one of her own)
I'll share mine with you after it arrives.
Don't want to spoil the surprise!

 My back is doing a bit better,
Thank You for all the Well wishes...
I'll share with you
a few ornaments I created last year.
They were bright white and red
I aged them and painted them pink
and of course added GLITTER!
Mod Podge goodness!

They were for a swap
Have you been making anything lately?
Otherwise we are just trying to stay warm!
I'll try and continue Techno Thursday
this week - I just hated to post it a few days late...
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I'm so glad you got your technical difficulties worked out! I can't wait to see the valentine box goodies -- and, I remember those LOVELY valentines from last year's swap! That was so much fun!!

  2. Eeee, the infamous "blue screen of death". I'm so sorry you are having technical difficulties. When technology works it is just like magic and when it doesn't it is like a root canal. Do you have anti-virus software?

  3. Hi Pam Thanks for soming by my blog. I'm totally happy to post overseas so would love to have you on board for my pay it forward. i wasn't able to reply to your email so please email me with your mailing details and I will send you a little surprise at some point during 2013 :)

  4. Pam, Your Valentines are absolutely beautiful! The aged look, the colors you have chosen, and the stamps! I must find stamps. They truly add a special touch. Hope you have a lovely week ahead and your computer behaves for you! E

  5. Hi again! I agree with you. Diana Gabaldon's Jamie Fraiser can keep his Scottish accent! E