Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you are all having a lovely one...

Here are my
treats that
sent to me for
Valentine's Day!

  Aren't her cards just the bees knees?
I want to have some of these made this year too!

She made this basket and filled it with chocolates!
The little birdie on top is made of pipe cleaners
He is so sweet holding that little paper heart in his beak!
 My Birdie Valentine
Elizabeth has a true eye for detail
which I absolutely love about her..
Notice the wings and hat are made of scrap paper from
old valentines...
I am sure it is no coincidence
 that the wing had the word Valentine on it...
He is just too precious!
 I really enjoy seeing how she takes the
images from Vintage cards
and gives them a new life...
I may just keep this one out year round!
She was also so kind to send these Vintage Valentine's...
Something my family is surprised 
that I do not have more of !
I think I have a new collection to grow.
Mrs. Elizabeth has such a creative and giving soul.
She asked that we not send her hostess gifts-
that our ornaments would be enough.
Then she spoiled us with these extras.
Please stop by
see some of her wonderful creations
read some of her
great stories
here at
Thank You Elizabeth!

Hope you all don't mind
Techno Thursday will be back next week!
Have a great day and hug someone you love!

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  1. Hi again Pam: I'm not sure if you got my email. I need your address so I can send you your home made gift when the time comes (because you signed up for my pay it forward post). Thank you. -Derrith