Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can you find the words?

As more of a visually creative
I sometimes struggle to find the right
words to describe things.
Emotions, feelings, surroundings,thoughts.
I have to admit 
for my grammer freak friends
that I probably make quite a few flubbers on the ol' blog here.

As I sit here
 I should be doing my taxes,
I should be cleaning up...

I wanted to share something 
that finally put into words 
an experience I have tried to explain -
 but couldn't quite find the right way to say it.

Let's just tell a little story too.
Years ago when I was in college...
I found a love of reading which I had long forgotten.
One of the books that captured my imagination
was by 
"Under the Tuscan Sun"

I don't know what made me pick it up.
Tired of reading anatomy and biochemistry?

Her writings of Italy inspired an ongoing dream to travel there someday.

I held off.
Thinking I should go 
when I finally found the love of my life to share
 it with.
That you should not do things like this on your own.
That to be valid someone had to be with you.

Did I even listen to the author?
All these years later I wonder.
She embarked on her Italian journey on her own.
She was married - but the initial "crazy" idea was hers.

Fast Forward
to me 
this time last year...

 Spring in bloom
 I am finally about to embark on my
Italian adventure.
I decided to go it alone with a group of total strangers.
save the one Brave Lara that I knew online...
I needed it...
I felt the time
was right.
I got a lot of criticism for going.
But you just can't explain to some people that this was more than
just a "vacation"...
I was blessed to be surrounded by
women who understood
where I was coming from...
One or two in particular!
You know who you are....

This was how I woke my first morning in Italy.
Not exciting visually...
 the SOUNDS are what made this morning 
(turn your volume up some)

 I knew I was in the right place
at the right time after I got out of bed and went to the window.
The beautiful yellow bird who was signing this song
was sitting atop the tree
right outside my window belting his heart out...
(didn't tape him b/c I didn't want to scare him once I appeared in the window)

I shared a lot of my photos
but it has been hard to explain
to others 
"just taking a trip"
did for me.
Especially THIS trip.

Earlier in the week
I found a copy of  a book by
Mrs.Mayes that I had missed somehow...
" Every Day in Tuscany ".

I just finished the Introduction
and already Frances has hit gold....
she finally put into words
what this trip
did for me
and I quote her

"It is paradoxical but true
that something that takes you out of yourself
also restores you 
to yourself
with greater freedom."

DO you know how great it feels to finally see that in WORDS?!

The weather here 
has brought my days in Italy back to me
through my senses.
I opened a tube of Shampoo that I had used when I was in Europe
- the smell even evoked memory.
How wonderful is it that we have all of these things to
transport us?
 Words, Smells, Tastes, Visuals, and Sounds.

 The Wisteria is just beginning to bud here
as it was there....
DO you have any experiences you can recall
by sense?
As an artist do you struggle to find the right words
but always the right visuals?
I'd love to hear about it.
Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I have a lot of experiences I recall by sense. Smell, songs, and even the light in a certain climate. I am totally on the same page after coming back from Florida/the's only when you decompress and find yourself in different surroundings that your creativity can break free. Sigh.

  2. Agreed indeed! I am so glad you finally got to the beach!

  3. Pam, your post is beautiful! I think because, you shared your heart with us. I hear you. I really do. Every word. I feel the same. Have several memories just like yours, where I knew I was in the exact right spot away from home. And how healing those trips were! I too have items at home that bring back a memory. I buy a certain candle in the UK made by hand by someone in Glastonbury. The shop that sells them, smells just like them. So when I smell the candle, I am transported there.
    I enjoyed the little clip of your first morning in Italy....I can imagine how heavenly it was for you! I am so happy for you that you listened to your own heart and you gave yourself something you really needed. Yay!

  4. Hi Terri,
    Even the name of your blog suggests that you have a very sentimental heart. It is true that the memories that you keep and treasure will often be triggered by something such as a scent or sound or taste or even a color or texture. How blessed you are that you were able to take such a trip and experience something wonderful. A true gift for yourself. Soon the lilacs will be blooming at my home which reminds me of my great grandmother. I have a vase that I like to use for them and years later I saw a picture of my great grandmother with a vase just like the one I have and she had lilacs in her vase too. Serendipity. It sure makes me smile.