Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Swap

To finish up
Easter Week....
here are some of my decorations 
and the swap I received from
Miz Honey Bee
 This is the Spoolie she made me...
This was the centerpiece of the swap!
I love how she placed it in the flower cup and the re-use of that green grass!
 This egg had all kinds of goodies inside!
I decided to split it up so that I could use both the top and the bottom in my Easter display.
Those little chalkware chicks I found for .25 cents at my fav. thrift!
 There is the beautifully glittered bottom
with a chick she gave me and some of my own goodies.
She also gave me the bunny on the left.
Love that he is so different!
 This vintage paper egg contained lots of candy goodness!
My son helped those to disappear before photos were taken!
The plastic bunny is another thrifty find.
I found a yellow, blue and pink one all for $1.
Miz B made me this neat corsage!
I decided to use it on the mantel and then next year I think I may
incorporate it into a flower arrangement or wreath.
How cool is that? What a nifty idea!

 These are most of the goodies that were in the glittery egg.
lots of trims and some cute laser cut wood pieces.
LOVE the bluebirds!
I just saw a few of these on another site and was wondering about them.
So I was very pleased to see them show up in my package!

I found the flocked bunny at a thrift for .99 cents
I used to have a brown one I got rid of years ago.
I was very happy to find this bright pink one!
The little chick on the right in one my mom made years ago.
The flowers I already had but on the same day I found the bunny I found the
flocked eggs as well. 
I threw them into the arrangement for as a last minute touch.
 This little deer came home a few months ago
for the same great price of .25 cents!
I am keeping this particular thrift store a secret!
It is not well known yet and I am keeping it that way!
Thank You again to Marlene for being such a great swap partner!
Another big Thanks to Sandy
for hosting the swap... 
I see lots of participation with her
crafting circles in my future!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. Such a cute spoolie! And, your thrift store sounds like a score store!

  2. Pam ~ your pictures were awesome... but for some reason some of your photos aren't showing... I have to do a post on all my goodies and spool that you made me... thank you from the bottom of my heART for everything ~ I LOVE it all... Have a honey of a day ~ mIzZ hONeY bEe ;O) xox

    1. Thanks Marlene! Sometimes I wonder if different browsers or systems have trouble loading a lot of high res. photos? Sorry maybe try again later?

  3. Ohhh everything is so so sweet!! What a fun swap!! :)

    I just wanted to thank you so much for following my blog and for your kind words about Val! Isn't she such a sweet soul? I was so happy to be able to share her with my readers/friends! I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of her amazing giveaway!! I couldn't find your email anywhere.

    If you could send me your mailing info that would be lovely! :)

    Happy Spring!
    xo Jenny Holiday