Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Illustration Love.....

Here I sit again
with my 
Creative Person Attention Deficit Disorder 

I should be getting myself
Little Keeper ready to head off 
to a SuperHero party for a 5 year old...
What am I doing?

Worrying about my swap box for
trying to finish up
a belated birthday gift for my sis...
window shopping on Pinterest....
I thought I would share some
beautiful and cheery colored vintage illustrations
I have found recently...


  Hope you enjoyed them...
I just loved all the mixtures of orange 
within a lot of the graphics.
Most of the time I think
we look at the color orange and find it hard to work with?
I especially love the last one..
Violets are my favorite flower and this was very unusual to me..
I have seen and collected a lot of violet images 
but have never seen one with the orange added - I think it is so beautiful.

Hope this gives you maybe a little visual inspiration
for some crafting or journaling over the weekend!
Happy Saturday!


  1. LOL Yes I have much to do as well ... and here I am browsing blogs. BTW Elizabeth is my swap partner for the nest swap. Small world or serendipity? Good luck getting your swap out. Lovely images. I love the deco jello one.

    xo Danielle

  2. Oh, I love these! You're right - the colors are real eye candy. Thanks for sharing them!