Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day two ... or Tuesday..

So, tonight was spent figuring out this playlist gadget...
Because if you know me you know I love music...
And yes, it is HUGE! I'll figure out eventually how to size it down...Tee-Hee it is kind of funny.
On to some real thoughts....
Have you ever done something for someone totally anonymous?
The concept is doing the task without any expectation of praise from other people or the person you are doing it for. I see people do "good deeds" all the time, and yet know they really also want some sort of recognition for what they did. I know it feels good, but the task was to help someone ELSE out and maybe make THEIR life easier or give THEM a boost.
  Last week a girl I know who is  probably about to lose her home and had to take her child to a 2nd hand store for the first time for clothes was treated to one of these anonymous gestures. Someone paid for her coffee...something that simple...she talked about it several times that morning and her face lit up each time..she was so tickled and yet thankful. Now she could use that money for something else...Times are hard and sometimes that cup of coffee or getting your nails done is the "luxury" that makes some people feel the semblance of their old life for one moment..
What I'm getting at is this person who paid for her coffee has no idea, or maybe they do ,what a boost that gesture gave to this person who is hurting right now. I know they call this Paying It Forward..yes I've seen the movie. I think this is the perfect time to challenge some of you to try this out. This is definately not The Great Depression and lots of us are doing without things we never had to...but one small gesture could really make someones day...Think about it and let me know this week if you tried it out!
Much Love.
(P.S. - to all my grammer freak friends I apologize now and forever..I'm the creative one - please no comments on the grammer b/c I know it ain't always correct!)

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