Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Gratitude....

Do you find yourself coming home from work
Stressed Out
Wanting to Vent?
I've realized lately that I let a lot of little things get the best of me.
Who wants to hear the same old "Roooar" out of you every night?
To be a better mother, wife, self.
I've decided to remind myself nightly of some of the very simple things
that make me Happy
I've found the last few days that the good things
definately outweigh the one or two that I've carried around with me.
Here is todays list of a few of the good things..
*Iced Coffee
(no matter what IC ALWAYS makes me feel better)
*Mrs.A who thinks I am the greatest at what I do
(proclaiming that to my boss was wonderful)
*A husband who made it through today and still cooked dinner!
So simple but made everything so much better today....
What are you simply greatful for?

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