Monday, January 31, 2011

What a weekend....

Where did the weekend go?
We had a nice day or two above 40
Which was marvelous!
I must admit I have been on a healthier eating kick for a whole week now.
Warned my boss if I was cranky it was withdrawl!
Think I ate the best hamburger ever on Saturday night!
Funny how much better things taste when you don't have them so often.
again managed to squeeze in some thrifting!
Tin full of sewing notions $1.75
Love the tags,
I wonder who Mary was...
Great timing on this find because I want to try my hand at upcycled clothing.
Even though I have very basic self taught skills
I think it will be fun.
Chickie Salt and Pepper / Napkin holder $2.00
Too cute ,
couldn't resist..
Appears to be homemade like at a ceramics class
The tail feathers are where the napkins rest!

Super cute graphic handmade coat w/ 3/4 sleeves $3.99
This person was very talented...
reminds me of my grandmother that sewed a lot of her own clothes.
(Sorry I could not model it!)
It looked bigger than it is in the shoulders.
That is the chance you take with handmade items.
When I finally get to my Etsy store later in the year
This will definately go in.
Would be sooo adorable with a solid ribbon to gather the back
or a solid belt to break up the pattern a bit.
Wear over a navy shift dress or with jeans and a t-shirt.
The material is very light weight and would be wonderful spring or summer.
O.K. these handtowels were .45 cents
A little Kitsch never hurt anyone...
How was your weekend and what treasures did you find?
Happy Monday!
Coming this week - Theme party on a budget!
My crafty adventure in preparing a 3 year olds Spongebob Birthday Extravaganza!

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