Tuesday, January 18, 2011


After a long day at work
is there anything better
than the uncontrollable giggles of a 3 year old?

I am just glad he is choosing to laugh.
Last night we put him through
the horrors of a haircut!
I had to give up on the "Messy on purpose" look.
His hair had gotten so long gel would'nt even hold it!
I know a lot of us who chose to have children a little bit later in life sometimes struggle with being new parents. Take that back, I think everyone struggles, even if they won't admit it.
Those giggles, hugs, happy dances for things like popsicles, and kisses for no reason at all
can take a really crummy day at work, or a couple of temper tantrums
and melt it all away.
I'm so greatful this gift of a boy I was given has put so many things in perspective for us.
Stop today and think of some of the most simple things that  make you happy....

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