Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking at things differently....

Yesterday going in to work
I knew thought I had two difficult tasks ahead of me.
I decided before I walked out the door to do
something different..
I told myself "Maybe I'll be surprised"
"These two things will turn out just fine, and maybe even great!"
And do you know what?
They did turn out great!
Other than not feeling well when I got home I had a really good day.
Instead of going in with that UGHHHH mentality,
I was open to what I could do to change how these people felt.
Truely it was fear that had been doing the talking for them previously...
I have found over time that a lot of angry, or people who are short with you
are really truely afraid of something. Their attitude is their defense mechanism.
They make it hard for you to get past that..
but if you really give them a chance and try to TAKE THE TIME
eventually most come round..
and afterwards you have really made a connection
with someone who really needed it.
I'm not saying it is easy...but you both benefit in my eyes.
Try it out this weekend or next week...let me know how it went.

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