Saturday, January 15, 2011

Encaustic What?

                          Another fellow artist has been delving into the world of Encaustics...
                                                                       Wax that is..
                        I thought I'd share two pieces I created with this technique this summer

Layer upon layer of hot wax

Using several mediums in each piece

Collage elements, Fiber,Carving, Foils and even a little Fire!

This section has almost every element pictured..
The young girl was a B&W photo
all the subtle color on her I mixed into the wax layers
The Background is handmade fibrous paper
Her headpiece and the birds are all tiny pieces I fit together myself
I wish the picture did it justice but all the color on her jewlery,flowers and sleeves
were achieved w/ foil transfer it is truely beautiful in the light
Lastly the copper sheen to the left is where the fire comes in..
If you use shellac and very quickly light it on fire
the shellac burns off and gives you this interesting texture.
(I would not try this unless you have someone who is experienced w/ you)
Check out Lara's blog to see her tutorial
She is an amazing photographer and thoughtful writer.

Happy Weekend to ALL!

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