Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunch date Cont'd....

Today I got to use a bit of that free time
and boy did it fly!
Dropped off the kiddo and ran to Target!
Here is where I made my mistake...
Any time I go into Target for just one or two specific things..
I just can't resist the urge to scope out the clearance...
Then I get sucked in...
I found a great pair of Wellies w/ flowers all over them
Totally me...
Sorry no pic yet b/c I have to sneak them in hee-hee!
Then a quick run through the jewelry and clothes..
A Cherry red watch,and a red pair of Converse for Liam for $10!
Then I scooped up a bit of crafting items for 75% off!

All under $1.24 each.
I couldn't resist the goofy glasses pack for .75 cents
Think I'll use them for a girls night.

Sat with my journal for a few
and then met my hubby for some Pho 79
We LUUURVE this new restaurant in town
It is so healthy and extremely flavorful
Start with your own cup of Garlic fish sauce, hoisen,and hot chili sauce..

I love the Bu'n T^om Nu'ong
rice noodle w/ grilled shrimp
 marinated carrot,cucumber,bean sprouts,lettuce,cilantro,green onion & chopped peanuts
Ahhh the Aroma..

Norman loves the Bu'n Da`c Bie^t
Rice Noodles w/ grilled chicken,beef,& pork
all the same veggies as above...
At this point my husband was begging me to stop photographing his lunch
so he could eat it!
The staff was flattered I thought their food was pic worthy..
It was a wonderful lunch date!
I should have taken a photo of the empty bowls...
Stop in if you have a chance..
Pho` 79
Jefferson Commons
Newport News

What did you do on your date this weekend?

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