Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Past......

Hope you are all having a
wonderful New Year!

During Christmas
I did a lot of baking this year.
I honestly had given up all the
cookie making, etc. for a few years.
This year I had been thinking about gifts more.
I was trying to remember what my favorite
memories of Christmas were
I could name a lot of the traditions we had 
I could name the favorite foods
we looked forward to.
Foods that we pretty much only had at Christmas
which made them even more special.
I also started to think about the things
that my grandmother and great grandmother
used to cook that we miss dearly.
I had come across a recipe
that belonged to my late grandmother.
 Pistachio Pound Cake
It sounded familiar
I wasn't sure if I had ever tasted it .
I then made it my mission to make
this cake for my father and husband.
My dad because it was his mothers recipe
and my husband because he loves pistachios .
I debated 
 I cannot leave this part out.
I get pretty emotional on occasion.
 when it comes to my 
Granny .
I spent almost every weekend with her when
I was a child.
We camped,
went to the beach,
watched Hee-Haw,
and went to church on Sunday.
Most of all she shared her
talent for cooking,
 food with me.
I was too young to learn the processes,
but I do remember the product.
She was taken from us too early
due to cancer.
I was in High School and my grandparents
had moved out of state.
I really did not get to visit her until
she was in a horrible state that year.
I think my parents were trying to protect us 
 from what was going on.
My point being
there are times when I get weepy
about her.
I didn't expect it to be while I was baking.
Something came over me though,
and as I was reading the card ,
I drifted to thoughts of her.
The wonderful times I spent watching her in the kitchen.
No one was home with me this day.
I began to tear up
and as I began to cry
I suddenly felt a strange 
comforting feeling,
like there were a set of arms around me.
A warm energizing feeling.
I stopped and stood there for what seemed like a few 
I don't know what you believe in,
 I have often felt like there were times
in my life where I could say
my grandmother was with me.
This day I felt it more than ever.
Here are the finished product.
The taste instantly brought back familiarity
 and I knew
 I had tasted this before.
They were delicious!
I'd like to say
I know so many of us spend months 
running around
after the perfect gift 
in and out
of store after store.
Truly in the end....
what do you remember most about
Was it a specific gift?
A meal?
Time with family?
I can honestly say there are a handful
of material gifts I remember.
The most standout memories though
are what I have described above.
Traditions and family.
I have decided to give up the 
during the holidays
focus on the
I know this was a bit long-winded...
I just had to share the story of my grandmother,
it just felt right. 
This year more than ever I plan to work
on time spent being meaningful 
and myself being present in the moment.
Not worried about how "Martha" everything looked.
If I finish a creative process in getting ready for
a holiday-great!
If I don't -
no big deal.
My 5 year old is not going to remember that.
 Those memories are what matter the most.

Happy Friday to you all!




  1. Pam remind me not to come visit you late at night again when I am hungry:) That cake looks delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree that the Blogger storage issue is very puzzling. It is letting me add pictures again but I am am being more careful about what pictures i upload. I agree that the best things about holidays are the time spent with family and friends. I look forward to it every year for that reason.

  2. I also have to add how much I enjoyed reading about your grandma and yes I do believe those that have gone on before us are still near us in some form or the other. I have never doubted it.

  3. What a great story about your grandma, and her legacy!

  4. I never remember Granny making these, but I do remember many other things she made. I remember "helping" in the kitchen a lot when I was little. Perrhaps I was too young to remember these, but I definitely want to try the recipe out for myself!

  5. Dear Crissy, You made my day Saturday when I read your blog about Granny! That was so special. Pop and Granny loved it so much when you spent the night with them. I am glad you have those wonderful memories to cherish. She was such a wonderful cook and we loved the time together when she invited us to eat - fried chicken,chicken and pastry,fried shrimp,fish,chocolate pie,cakes, etc.....We miss her and Pop very much, but their memories and the things they taught us remain forever. Thanks again. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you and the family. Aunt Linda