Sunday, January 13, 2013

What to do with all those candy canes?

Now is the perfect
Go round up those leftover candy
or even better go
find some of the 90% off kind
in the clearance section. 

Last year I had a whole box of 
miniature ones leftover from the holidays
I decided to make these for Valentines day...
 All I had to buy was a bag
of white chocolate melts.

I placed all of the candy canes in a heart shape
onto a cookie sheet covered with tin-foil.
I think wax paper would be fine too.
Then I melted the chocolate and then used a spoon to 
drizzle the chocolate to fill in the center of each heart.
I used some decorative sprinkles I already had 
to add some more color.
I packaged up about 5 boxes full
and gave them away to
friends and clients.
Simple, easy, and made with love.
So go gather all those leftovers and have some fun


  1. Hi Pam, this is Michele from Something special and I am the one hosting the candy box swap. I don't know why, but I did not get your email about the swap. I was wondering if you could re-email me at this other address with your info. I will email you back when I get it! Thanks so much and I hope you get this message! By the way I am a new follower here and I also love your candy cane valentine idea!