Monday, January 7, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things......

Thought I'd share a 12 of my favorite things
 from 2012

1 - Long Way Down

 I've been watching this series on Halogen T.V.
another favorite place for a show I fell in love with last year.
Who wouldn't want to follow Ewan McGregor around on a motorcycle?
I love the bond between these two guys
and the whole thrill of being a world traveler.
Most of all I love that they aren't doing a "guided tour"
sort of show.
They travel through the part of Italy I stayed in last Spring and it brought
back such good memories...
Now I'm trying to convince my husband when 
we go in the future we should TOTALLY rent
Moto Guzzi motorcycles and ride while we are there right?!
He's a Harley master technician - no sweat!
Combine our loves!

2- Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange
I LOVE Jo malone Orange Blossom -
It costs a pretty penny!
My friend Lara mentioned that Pacifica made this
when i thought she was actually wearing Jo-Malone.
I was able to find the lotion at T.J.Maxx of all places
and my sister gave me the perfume for Christmas - 
she found it at Whole Foods !

3- The Outlander Series
I finished up the first in the "Outlander" series
at the urging of my best friend...
I'm not the romantic novel type..
but this one is unique to me.
Time travel, 
a heroine who can fend for herself
1700's Scotland
 men in Kilts...
what else could you ask for?

4- Duplo Candy Bar
Three college girls on Spring break
were sitting next to me on a ferry to Caprii while I was in Italy.
They kept ooohing and ahhing over this candy bar.
I picked up a box and brought them home to share.
If I had tried it while i was IN Italy
I would have bought a couple of boxes!
They were gobbled up by the family
and I had to purchase more
at World Market for $2 a piece for Christmas!
If you like Hazelnuts and want to indulge....
find one!
Very worth it!

5- Photography APPS!
favorite camera app definitely has to be
 I love the endless possibilities for filters 
this app has.
You can create your own
or download the thousands others have developed for
once you have purchased the app!
I use this one constantly!

6- Tumblr
 I love my tumblr. blogs!
I really use them for inspiration 
you can spend endless time scrolling through tumblr!
Just about as bad for me as Pinterest depending on the day!
If you'd like to peek...I later realized I forgot to put links ;)

7- Poppy for Boots Co. lipgloss
 I have two shades of this 
and I love them!
I love that you can get lines from bigger
designers etc, at TARGET!

8- Organix coconut anything!
I love coconut scented anything in the summer
just makes me feel like I am at the beach.
The Organix line in my opinion has some of the
best scented products there are.
Doesn't smell artificial!

9-Skechers Go Walk
 sorry so small!
I wore these shoes 
ALL over Italy!
I really fretted about having a pair of
sneakers that would be good to me with all the walking
I was going to do there.
When I put these on in the 
store there was NO comparison!
It felt like you were walking on clouds!
Worth every penny!

10-Strathmore visual journals
 I found these at Michael's earlier in the year
LOVE them!
They come in different types of papers too!
Bristol Paper,
a mixed media pad,
even a watercolor paper.

11-Tim Holtz Scissors
 I got these at Michael's as well
with one of my 1/2 price coupons!
Something about them but they just cut so easily and are so 
comfortable to hold.

12-Neocolor crayons
I first used these during the summer
at the journaling group meetup we have here 
at the beach.
Instant love!
I borrowed them from 
our teacher Stephanie every time we got together!
While I was in Chicago
I purchased these as my early Christmas gift.
We don't have Dick Blick here and they carry
the most extensive number of colors!
I was like a kid in a candy store!
This is one of a few
a mixed media pieces I created using them...
Did you have any favorite finds for last year?
Hope you saw something that intrigued you.
Some of my favorite things have been recommendations from friends
and fellow artists!


  1. lots of goodies here! the motocycles around italy sounds like fun!
    Your hubby is a harley machanic? my husband has built quite a few antique harleys. he travels around to antique swap meets collecting original parts and has built some great old bikes. he eventually sells them.. and at this time he has none and I dont believe any plan to start another any time soon. I like it when he working on one.. it keeps him busy and out from under my feet! lol!
    have a great day Pam

  2. Hi Pam, I look forward to swapping ornaments with you. PS I loved the first Outlander, and I'm not a romantic book fan either! Thanks for visiting! Elizabeth

  3. You had me at Outlander! I've read the WHOLE series, twice. I think I've read the first book 4x. Normally not my kind of book but I tried it and was HOOKED. I think Claire and Jaimie are genre-crossing characters!

  4. Pam - You are loaded in for the Grow Your Blog party -- I will look forward to your special post on the 19th! Hope you make lots of new friends!


  5. Hi Pam,
    My Valentine Swap is full, except, I am not sure about one person. So, I will make one for you if she doesn't come thru. You don't have to make one for me, it's ok - just in case it doesn't work out. Have fun in E's Swap!