Thursday, January 24, 2013

Techno for Thursday......

I'm going to try and dedicate
Thursdays to some of the
side of creative exploits that are available now.
I have talked before about
my love for
the photography Apps
that are out there.

In talking with others,
I realized a lot of people are unaware
that you don't have to own an IPHONE
to use these apps!

If your IPOD touch has
a camera.
You can download pretty much the same apps
 create / filter/ alter your photos 
to your hearts content!

From what I understand though
the camera may not be quite
as "good" on the IPOD
because it has less magapixels.
(Techno blarg...right ?)

In a way -
like a regular T.V. vs. a High Definition.
Here are a few shots I have taken with my IPOD...
I'm going to show you a range
of different types of photos.
I want you to see just how
different the effects and definition can be ...

 This was taken out my car window!
Then later
 filtered and focal blur added.

 Taken inside the car...
Same as above
 later filtered and focal blur effects added.

Taken outside on a decent sunny day.
Filtered, Vignette added and focal blur.
 Taken inside but with daylight only.
Filter and frame added.
(if you are not from the SOUTH - that is a plate of biscuits and white gravy!)
 Taken indoors but with broken daylight.
Filtered, focal blur, and frame added.
 Taken indoors.
Filtered and framed.
 Taken on a drizzly, overcast day.
Focal blur and custom filter applied, framed.
 Different types of pics all flitered
but this time
placed in a customizable collage frame.
 Taken at sunset, low light.
Filtered, focal blur, framed.

 All collage examples are set of fours.
I think this is a great example of how a
 filter can give a certain type of mood to your photos.
 Taken from inside the car.
Daylight,filtered, focal blur.
 More collage.
No changes or filters made to these.
 Outdoors, rainy, overcast day.
Custom filter applied, severe focal blur.
One of my favorites.
Rainy, overcast day.
Custom filter applied, focal blur,vignette.

 Out the window of a plane!
No filter-
 true to life photo.
Filtered, framed.
Focal blur only.
 Not too bad, huh?
That is really just a SMALL sampling
of my photos from the IPOD! 
Of course any photo is going to be
more defined
when they are smaller on your device screen
vs. blown up like they are here.

SO now you know!
If you would like to look at APPS for photo taking-
Go to the APP store
 just like for any other purchases.
Look for the photography category
Start with some free ones.
One thing that helps is how new your TOUCH is also.
Some APPS aren't compatible with 
the older TOUCH models
 you may need to upgrade the software.
The store will instantly tell you weather you
are compatible when you try and download.
I hope this helps or gives you some info you didn't know!
Next week I'll post some of the neat
sites offering ways to print your 
Ipod/Iphone photos!

Thanks for visiting
and Happy Thursday!


  1. thank you soooo much! i am going to check out the apps rt now for my ipod! i will let you know how it goes, this is so exciting! aloha, angi in hana

  2. I had never thought of photos with my ipod. How fun to imagine the apps I can now play around with. Thanks!

  3. -sigh- I really must pay more attention to my photos!

  4. I am going to have to work on the blurs and I didn't know you could do collages! Awesome!